Stage 1 Car Seat


Stage 1 Car Seat for Baby & Young Toddler

It may seem a good idea at the time to bring your baby Stage 1 Car Seat with you however airlines don’t allow these to be taken on board. They go in the hold and are usually classed as oversize baggage which means they go with all the large and heavy items and often end up crushed and broken. That is the last way you want to start a holiday. To then find a replacement from a car hire or rent-a-car company you will quickly find out how poorly looked after, cleaned and safe they are; often with missing parts or damaged.

Our Stage 1 Car Seats are well looked after, cleaned and thoroughly sanitised after every use. Not to mention they are over half the price of a car hire company and probably cheaper than the extra baggage charge of bringing your own. Don’t take the risk of using other companies or bringing your own when you can hire affordable Stage 1 Car Seats from Mallorca Airport Rentals, delivered right to you at Palma Airport.

If you feel your child has outgrown a Stage 1 Car Seat then you may want to consider our children’s car seat or high back booster for the larger toddler.