Travel Cot


Travel Cot / Crib

One of our most popular products is a travel cot. There is no need to wonder why. These heavy and awkward items are as hard to take through an airport as you can imagine due to their size and weight. Not to mention how fragile they can be with their plastic corners and easily scuffed materials. Whether yours has become damaged in transit or just don’t want to take the risk, our clean and well maintained travel cots will be more than perfect for your baby or toddler.

They are all a standard size and erection is the same as any other you have used before so you won’t waste any time. We also have thick mattresses to compliment the mattress / base combination that is included with the cot or mosquito nets which are perfect for the summer when mosquitos are rife. Sheets are also available separately on request. If you prefer something a little more substantial for possibly a longer stay we also have wooden cots.

All our baby, toddler and childcare are meticulously cleaned and cared for. Our team back at base thoroughly clean and sanitise every piece of equipment after it has been used.

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