Manual Wheelchair

Hire a manual wheelchair from Mallorca Airport Rentals. We have wheel chairs with large wheels (for self-propulsion) or small wheels. All of these walking aids are foldable so can easily be put to one side in your hotel, villa or apartment. They feature arm rests for comfort, back supports and removable footrests. Because the footrests are removable, our wheelchairs can fit into most hire car or rent-a-car boots but it’s always better to check first.

We can also provide a cushion if you like. Both wheels on these chairs have locking brakes so you can leave it parked on a slope. We have different width wheelchairs too including, small, regular, large and extra large. It’s best to check with us first the size and weight of the user.

For someone less mobility impaired, wanting to walk we have walking frames with wheels. If you prefer to get around a little quicker maybe something from our range of mobility scooters will do the trick.

We can deliver your wheelchair with large or small wheels to Palma de Mallorca International Airport.

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