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A car seat for your child is obligatory in Spain. It is the law that any child up to the age of 12 has to use a secure vehicle seat and failure to abide by such law usually ends up in hefty fines or for repeated instances, prosecution. Most responsible parents already have car seats for their toddler, baby or infant at home that they use day to day however have you ever tried bringing a car seat on holiday with you? Not only are you stumbling through the airport with your two toddlers in push chairs, two trolleys piled high with suitcase but you then also have a balancing game trying to carry two heavy and cumbersome car seats with you. That’s if they made it through the flight ok as they are often classed as oversize baggage and easily tossed or thrown around by baggage handlers due to their weight and straps.

That’s where we come in. We can guarantee that our children car seats are as clean and safe as you are going to get. Have you ver seen the range of car seats available from rent-a-car businesses? They are poorly looked after, dirty and often have parts missing. Not to mention that they charge over double what we do. All our child car seats are meticulously cleaned, disinfected and looked after by the crew at Mallorca Airport Rentals.

Our service also means that you have seats available from when you land and exit the arrivals hall, no waiting around, no fuss. Try our service today and find out how much you could save and how stressless our service is.

If you are looking for a smaller seat for a baby up to 9 months try our travel cot or if you have a large toddler / infant we have high back booster seats too.

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Quote on Laws and regulations about child car seat in Spain from

What are the child car seat requirements?

Up to 9 months and up to 10 kg, a carrycot must be used laid across the rear seat and secured with the car’s safety belt or any specially approved attachment.

From 10kg to 13kg and up to 2 years of age, a child’s car seat fitted in the rear with the child facing rearwards.


From 9kg to 18kg and from 9 months to 3 years old, child seats facing frontwards or rearwards , fitted in the rear of the car and secured as detailed in the seats instructions.

From 15kg to 25kg and 3 to 6 years of age, use a seat adaptor (elevator) to lift the child up to fit comfortably with, if necessary, a CE-EU approved seat belt adaptor.

From 22kg to 36kg and 6 to 12 years of age, use a seat elevator so that the child is comfortably protected using the seat belts.

Children up to the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front seat.

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