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As parents ourselves we understand the additional stress that coming on holiday with as a family with young children can be which is why our service is streamlined to help you concentrate more on enjoying your time away, rather than worry about the childcare equipment you are familiar with back at home.

We also understand the most important things that you are looking for when hiring for young ones: cleanliness, safety, service and price. You can rest assured that all are baby and childcare goods are meticulously cleaned and disinfected to highest level before reaching reaching our next client. We also rotate our inventory often and replace units yearly to ensure the products are always at a high safety standard and never deteriorate. As for service and price, they are the reasons we have been over twenty years in business.

"So why hire? Why not bring our own?" Well that is an easy one. First off, have you every tried navigating an airport with 2 children, pushchairs, cases and car seats? It's not fun and not a great way to start your holiday. By renting from us we meet you as soon as you arrive in Palma de Mallorca Airport with all your goods, ready for you to load into a rent-a-car or taxi . Secondly, handling accidents by careless airport ground staff are very frequent. So much so that over half of our non-airport childcare rentals are a result of damaged or lost equipment during transit. Why risk taking that €350 stroller on holiday when you can hire affordably from us. Lastly cost and efficiency. Did you know that hire car companies now charge over €10 a day to hire an infant car seat! Let's do the maths; if you have two children, on holiday for two weeks that's 2 car seats at over €10 per day, per seat for 14 days = €280+. Mallorca Airport Rentals rates would be €100 and we may also include a long term discount - one third of the cost!

To browse the equipment we have for rent simply scroll down or try one of these categories to narrow your search. If you can't find what you are looking for in our large range of baby and childcare items ask us as we don't list everything on our website. All items are delivered to Palma de Mallorca Airport PMI (minimum €50 order) when you land however we also deliver to hotels, private properties and resorts all over the island.

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